Lithuania and the WTO

This page gathers key information on Lithuania's participation in the WTO. Lithuania has been a member of WTO since 31 May 2001. As of 1 May 2004 it is a member State of the European Union (more info). All EU member States are WTO members, as is the EU (until 30 November 2009 known officially in the WTO as the European Communities for legal reasons) in its own right.

National site
Užsienio Reikalu Ministerija
(This site is selected by the Lithuanian delegation)


Member profiles 
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Accession to the WTO


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Goods schedules and tariff data 

Lithuania’s existing goods schedules will be revised in due course as a result of its entry into the European Union.

  • Get tariff data — includes explanations of bound and applied rates, the HS system and related jargon
  • See the goods schedules gateway for explanations and background
  • — see also the current situation of goods schedules for the European Communities
  • Lithuania's goods schedules (zip format, 340KB)


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Services schedules and MFN exemptions

Lithuania’s existing services schedules will be revised in due course as a result of its entry into the European Union.

  • help on reading a services schedule
  • services database (opens new window)
    You can use this database to retrieve the services schedule for a Member, or to compare services commitments across Members. The database does not include data on current negotiations.
  • all commitments and exemptions on services. Provides the original official documents from Lithuania. Not consolidated (i.e. first documents may be amended/substituted by subsequent documents).


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Trade Policy Reviews of Lithuania

See the TPR gateway for explanations and background
Since becoming a member of the EU Lithuania is also included in TPRs of the EU/EC.

Search Documents Online
These links open a new window: allow a moment for the results to appear.

  • Lithuania TPR documents   > search  > help
  • European Communities TPR documents  > search  > help


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Dispute cases involving Lithuania

Since becoming a member of the EU Lithuania is also included in dispute settlement cases of the EU/EC.

Place your mouse over a dispute number in the table below to see the title of the dispute. Click on the dispute number to go to a page giving detailed information for that dispute.

See the dispute settlement gateway for explanations and background.



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Notifications from Lithuania

Notifications submitted by the European Union (formerly European Communities) are valid for all EU members. However, occasionally individual EU members notify certain measures which are specific to their country only. These are included below.

Search Documents Online
Search links open a new window: allow a moment for the results to appear.

> help with downloading these documents

  • Agriculture (Document code G/AG/N/LTU/*)   > search
  • Antidumping (Document code G/ADP/N/* and LTU)   > search
  • Balance of payments (Document code WT/BOP/N/*)   > search
  • Customs valuation (Document code G/VAL/N/* and LTU)   > search
  • Government procurement (Document code GPA/* and keyword varies)   > search
  • Import licensing (Document code G/LIC/N/* and LTU)   > search
  • Information technology products (Document code varies)   > search
  • Intellectual Property Rights (see TRIPS below)
  • Regional trade Agreements (Document code WT/REG* and N)   > search
  • Rules of origin (Document code G/RO/N/*)   > search
  • Safeguards (Document code G/SG/N/* and LTU)   > search
  • Sanitary and phytosanitary measures (Document code G/SPS/N/LTU/*)   > search
  • Services (Document code S/C/N/*)   > search
  • State trading enterprises (Document code G/STR/N/* and LTU)   > search
  • Subsidies and countervailing measures (Document code G/SCM/N/* and LTU)   > search
  • Technical barriers to trade notifications under the TBT Agreement can be found under the TBT gateway
  • Textiles notifications can be found by Article under the textiles gateway
  • Trade and development (Document code WT/COMTD/N/*)   > search
  • Trade-related investment measures (Document code G/TRIMS/N/* and LTU)   > search
  • TRIPS notifications can be found by Article under the Members?transparency toolkit



Acceptance of multilateral instruments


Membership of plurilateral agreements


Membership of RTAs & PTAs


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