RSS news feeds

RSS news feeds allow you to receive WTO news directly to your desktop as soon as it is published, without you having to visit the WTO website. RSS stands for 揜eally Simple Syndication?

To start using the news feeds, you will need a 搉ews reader? This will allow you to select the WTO website as a news source. The news reader will check the feeds and will show any new content that has been added. Some news readers (e.g. MyYahoo! and iGoogle) work in a web browser, while others such as Microsoft Outlook use an email client. Also, some browsers can automatically check for RSS feeds when you visit a website.

All WTO news


Audio (podcasts)
> See also the podcasting gateway


Can I use WTO news feeds on my site?
We encourage dissemination of news from the WTO provided proper attribution is given, saying 揥TO news? You may not use the WTO logo or try to present the news as though it comes from another source.
Copyright information

How to subscribe

You will need to subscribe through an “aggregator” application such as MyYahoo! or Google

Copy the URL of your choice from this page.

Then refer to your aggregator's help documentation on how to subscribe.

For example, in MyYahoo!, choose Add content > Add RSS feed then paste the selected URL into the URL field.

RSS feeds on the WTO website are identified with this icon:

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