WTO publishes audio material from press conferences and certain meetings. You can listen to individual audio files (in mp3 format) by clicking the links below. This will download or open the mp3 audio file, and may start playing it, depending on your computer's configuration. You can also subscribe for automatic updates by following the instructions below right.

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Interpretation serves to facilitate communication and does not constitute an authentic record or translation of the proceedings. The floor (original) language is the only authentic version. No liability shall be incurred by the interpreters in the exercise of their function

List of podcasts

How to subscribe

You can also subscribe to be automatically alerted each time WTO publishes a new audio file. You will need to subscribe through an 揳ggregator? application such as Apple iTunes?or MyYahoo!

Copy the URL below:

Then refer to your aggregator's help documentation on how to subscribe.

For example, in iTunes? choose Advanced > Subscribe to podcast then paste the URL above into the URL field.

Some aggregators, such as iTunes? download new episodes automatically and can make them available to portable audio players.

Podcasts on the WTO website are denoted by this icon:

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