World Trade Review

The World Trade Review is an independent peer-reviewed journal which addresses trade issues from economic, legal, political and interdisciplinary perspectives. The journal is a joint initiative of the WTO Secretariat and Cambridge University Press.

The mission of the journal is to publish articles which deepen understanding of issues facing the international trading system through critical analysis and constructive debate. The Journal has an independent editorial policy and board.

The World Trade Review publishes three issues per year. It invites articles from a wide range of specialists world-wide which address trade issues from economic, legal, political and inter-disciplinary perspectives. A rigorous peer review process assures that articles meet high standards in terms of theoretical and methodological rigour.

Editor: L. Alan Winters, University of Sussex

Editorial Board:

Richard Blackhurst, The Fletcher School, Tufts University
Steve Charnovitz, George Washington University
Joseph Francois, Erasmus University
Judith Goldstein, Stanford University
Henrik Horn, Stockholm University
Douglas A. Irwin, Dartmouth College
Patrick Low
(ex officio) World Trade Organization
Petros Mavroidis, Columbia University and University of Neuchatel
Andr?Sapir, Free University of Brussels
Alan Sykes, Stanford University
Joseph Weiler
, New York University


> Table of contents of the July 2014 issue (pdf format, 2 pages, 20KB; opens in a new window)

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