Publications by category/subject

WTO publications broadly fall into seven subject categories. A full list of publications listed by category is provided below.



back to top About the WTO 

Mainstreaming trade to attain the Sustainable Development Goals
20 Years of the WTO: A Retrospective
20th anniversary brochures
The WTO at Twenty: Challenges and Achievements
WTO Accessions and Trade Multilateralism
Annual Report
The History and Future of the World Trade Organization
The Future of Trade: The Challenges of Convergence (Report of the Panel on Defining the Future of Trade convened by WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy)
Public Forum 2012
Centre William Rappard: Home of the World Trade Organization
WTO In Brief
10 things the WTO can do
The WTO Building  Brochure
The First Ten Years of the WTO
The Doha Round texts and related documents
Public Forum 2011
A Handbook on Accession to the WTO
Focus Newsletter
Reshaping the World Trading System — 2nd Edition
The Future of the WTO
Trade finance and the compliance challenge: A showcase of international cooperation

The Results of the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations: The Legal Texts
Legal Instruments embodying the Results of the Uruguay Round — Volumes 1-34
WTO Basic Instruments and Selected Documents
GATT Basic Instruments and Selected Documents — Volumes 1-42
Protocol on the Accession of WTO Members
Status of Legal Instruments
General Agreement on Trade in Services Protocols
WTO Agreements Series

back to top Statistics 

World Trade Statistical Review
International Trade Statistics 2015
Services Profiles 2015
Trade Profiles
World Tariff Profiles

back to top Research and analysis 

Trade and Poverty Reduction: New Evidence of Impacts in Developing Countries
Can Blockchain revolutionize international trade?
An Advanced Guide to Trade Policy Analysis: The Structural Gravity Model
The Role of Trade in Ending Poverty
Connecting to Global Markets — Challenges and Opportunities: Case Studies Presented by WTO Chair Holders
World Trade Report
Supply Chain Perspectives and Issues: A Literature Review
Global Value Chains in a Changing World
A Practical Guide to Trade Policy Analysis
Making Globalization Socially Sustainable
Workshop on Recent Analyses of the Doha Round
Globalization and Informal Jobs in Developing Countries
Governments, Non-State Actors and Trade Policy-Making: Negotiating Preferentially or Multilaterally?
World Trade Review
Managing the Challenges of WTO Participation — 45 Case Studies
Multilateralizing Regionalism: Challenges for the Global Trading System
WTO Agreements & Public Health
Trade and Employment: Challenges for Policy Research
Discussion Papers
Special Studies
Regional Rules in the Global Trading System

back to top Trade topics 

Making trade work for the environment, prosperity and resilience
Trade and Food Standards
Aid for Trade at a Glance 2017: 揚romoting Trade, Inclusiveness and Connectivity for Sustainable Development?/a>
Global Value Chain Development Report 2017
Trade Costs and Inclusive Growth
Regional Trade Agreements and the Multilateral Trading System
African Perspectives on Trade and the WTO
Trade Finance and SMEs: Bridging the gaps in provision
WTO Agreements Series: Agriculture
The Making of the TRIPS Agreement
Aid for Trade at a Glance 2015: Reducing trade costs for inclusive, sustainable growth
CITES and the WTO: Enhancing Cooperation for Sustainable Development
WTO Regime on Government Procurement
Technical Barriers to Trade
WTO Domestic Regulation and Services Trade
Aid for Trade in Action
Aid for Trade at a Glance 2013: Connecting to Value Chains
Promoting Access to Medical Technologies and Innovation: Intersections between public health, intellectual property and trade
15 Years of the Information Technology Agreement: Trade, innovation and global production networks
A Handbook on the WTO TRIPS Agreement
Harnessing Trade for Sustainable Development and a Green Economy

Aid for Trade at a Glance 2011: Showing Results
Trade and Poverty Reduction in the Asia-Pacific Region: Case Studies and Lessons from Low-income Communities
Trade and Climate Change
Trade Policy Reviews
A Handbook on Reading WTO Goods and Services schedules
A Handbook on the WTO Customs Valuation Agreement
A Handbook of Anti-Dumping Investigations
Opening Markets for Trade in Services : Countries and Sectors in Bilateral and WTO Negotiations
Guide to the GATS
A Handbook on the GATS Agreement
Trade, Development and the Environment
Trade & Environment at the WTO
The Internationalization of Financial Services: Issues and Lessons for Developing Countries
Air Transport and the GATS: Multi-Media Kit
Air Transport and the GATS: 1995-2000
Air Transport and the GATS: 2000-2005
Aid for Trade at a Glance 2009: Maintaining Momentum
E-commerce in Developing Countries
Facilitating trade through regulatory cooperation

back to top Dispute settlement 

A History of Law and Lawyers in the GATT/WTO
Appellate Body Repertory of Reports and Awards
Dispute Settlement Reports
Analytical Index: Guide to WTO Law and Practice
GATT Analytical Index
The WTO Dispute Settlement Procedures ?Third Edition
A Handbook on the WTO Dispute Settlement System
Dispute Settlement One-Page Case Summaries
Key Issues in WTO Dispute Settlement: The First Ten Years
The WTO at Ten: The Contribution of the Dispute Settlement System
The WTO in the Twenty-first Century

back to top Resources 

Tariff Negotiations and Renegotiations under the GATT and the WTO — Procedures and Practices (Second Edition)
Dictionary of Trade Policy Terms
Guide to the Uruguay Round Agreements
Trilingual Glossary
Tariff Negotiations and Renegotiations under the GATT and the WTO — Procedures and Practices


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