WTO Youth Ambassador Programme

The WTO launched the 揥TO Youth Ambassador Programme?during the closing session of the 2011 Public Forum. The idea of a WTO Youth Ambassador Programme was suggested in a video submitted by two young Australians within the framework of the 2011 Public Forum Video Contest.

Their idea was based on the fact that 揳t present, young people have very little say at international organizations such as the WTO. These young people are tomorrow抯 world leaders. And now more than ever, they need to sit at the table of global discussions. We should be using the young people of today to address the global challenges of tomorrow?

The Youth Ambassador Programme has currently been suspended until further notice.


Objectives of the WTO Youth Ambassador Programme

The WTO Youth Ambassador Programme aims to raise awareness of international economic governance issues among young people, encourage their engagement in public policy discussions, and bring new perspectives to the debates. Its starting point is a contest. To participate, contestants must provide their response to a trade-related question. Submissions can be made in the form either of a video or an essay.


2012 Competition

> WTO announces winners of contest for Youth Ambassador Programme (01/08/2012)

> Winning video from Karina Hehs

> Winning essay from Ankita Mishra

The WTO’s first ever Youth Ambassadors, Ankita Mishra from India and Karina Hehs from Brazil, were invited to take part in a discussion at the Public Forum 2012.

> Session 26 — WTO Public Forum 2012: How Can Trade Promote Development?

Video: WTO抯 first Youth Ambassadors discuss trade and development

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